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Bitcoin Multiplier Invest (BMi or BMinvest), is a Bitcoin earning platform that leverages on three powerful earning systems that guarantee a solid bitcoin income everyday. These platforms are:
1. BMi Daily Profit - BDP (requires naira investment)
2. BMi Crypto trading - BCT (requires buying BMi shares)
3. BMi $1 daily alliance (requires registering on 3rd party sites)
BMinvest empowers everyone to earn a steady consistent flow of bitcoins automatically daily by investing at least #1,000 Naira only.
BMi started as an idea created by Guard Abasinkanga, a Nigerian indigene and a bitcoin enthusiast, who is the founder and owner of the Bitcoin Multiplier invest (Aka BMi) platform. BMi was launched on the 10th of March 2019 on just a WhatsApp group alone, with only 1 investor at the time. Today BMi has 3 active WhatsApp groups, a telegram group and channel, and a robust website, and over 500 investors.
BMi is a full-fledged online platform that is yet to be registered in Nigeria, our lawyers are in process of filing for that.
BMi is a bitcoin business built with the Nigerian in mind, however anyone anywhere around the world can participate, under the terms and conditions which are in operation in Nigeria.
The vision and purpose of BMinvest is to provide people with a sustainable and effortless way of earning bitcoins daily for life. BMi is NOT a "get-rich-quick-scheme to quickly double your investment like a regular HYIP would do, but rather BMi aims to quickly increase the amount of Bitcoins you own. Through our investment programs you are able to accumulate bitcoins in your wallet daily. The more bitcoins you have, the richer you are, because as Bitcoin market price rises, the naira worth of your bitcoins also multiplies. Professional bitcoin experts and analysts predict 1 bitcoin will be worth $100,000 usd (#36 million naira) in 2-3 years. We are not just waiting for that to happen, but we are positioning BMi investors to benefit from this when it happens.
First, Create a BMinvest account for the bitcoin generator and fund it with #1000 naira minimum. Your naira deposit is locked in to generate a fixed amount of bitcoins everyday for life. Second, Create your bitcoin account on Coinbase or Luno (if u dont have one) so that bitcoin profits generated from BMi bitcoin generator will be paid directly into your bitcoin account. Third, you will be invited to join our level 2 ($1 daily) group where you can earn up to $1 daily from a variety of 3rd party sites posted by fellow BMi members; and join our level 3 (crypto trading) group, where u can earn as much as 20% interest on your investment in trading shares.
All you need is:
1. Your Coinbase or Luno Bitcoin account email address (I will show you how to get a bitcoin account if you dont have, its free)
2. #1000 naira cash at least.
Because we use email address to send bitcoin profits to you. With email address sending bitcoin is free, no network fees. Only Luno and Coinbase so far, offer this feature in their wallets.
BDP (aka BMi Daily Profits) gives a base ROI of 0.027% daily in bitcoin on your naira investment. The daily profit from BDP is calculated based on your BMi rank. Your BMi rank is determined by how much naira you have deposited in your BMi account balance. Here are the rankings and earnings:
Naira Deposit ranking system for BMi investors
Iron rank: 1,000 naira to 9,000 naira gives 10 to 90 satoshis daily
Bronze rank: 10,000 naira to 99,000 naira gives 100 to 990 satoshis daily
Silver rank: 100,000 naira to 999,000 naira gives 1,000 to 9,990 satoshis daily
Gold rank: 1,000,000 naira to 9,999,000 naira gives 10,000 to 99,990 satoshis daily.
BCT (aka BMi Crypto Trading) gives a target of 20% interest on the amount you invest in buying BMi shares. BMi shares are units of BMi trading capital, they entitle you to a portion of the profits we make daily from trading the crypto markets. The more shares you own, the larger the share of profits you get. 1 share costs 1000 satoshis (0.00001 bitcoins), however you can also purchase shares at a premium price using Naira.
1 Satoshi is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, like 1kobo is the smallest unit of a Naira. For easier understanding, sometimes satoshis is used when referring to bitcoin amounts that are less than 1 bitcoin
This is the bitcoin - satoshi relationship.
(take special note of the number of zeros after the decimal point)
1 satoshi = 0.00000001 btc
10 satoshis = 0.0000001 btc
100 satoshis = 0.000001 btc
1,000 satoshis = 0.00001 btc
10,000 satoshis = 0.0001 btc
100,000 satoshis = 0.001 btc
1,000,000 satoshis = 0.01 btc
10,000,000 satoshis = 0.1 btc
100,000,000 satoshis = 1 btc
The daily profit earned is currently fixed, but we are working on changes in the near future to make it dynamic so that daily profits increase or decrease in tandem with bitcoin market price.
You keep receiving daily profits for life, Or until you want your invested naira back
You can withdraw your daily profits to your bitcoin wallet instantly, there is no withdrawal limit. You can withdraw as little as 10kobo. You can also cash out your bitcoin profits to Naira. There is no limit on the amount you can cash out, however you should take into consideration that you will be charged exchange fees and withdrawal to bank fees on every cashout operation. So let your bitcoin profits grow sufficiently before you initiate a cashout.
You can increase your naira investment anytime, the more naira you invest, the higher the daily bitcoin profits generated and paid out to you daily.
As a BMi investor, you can get back much more than just your investment capital in less than 6 months using the various earning opportunities available on the platform such as our referral commissions program, our referrals Contests, our crypto trading Profit sharing, and our $1 daily programs. How much you can earn with BMi all depends on your dedication to earning money online.
This is how it works: Compensation plan goes 3 levels deep only
1. Invite people to join and invest in BM Invest
2. When the person you invite (DL1) invests, you receive equivalent amount in satoshi. For example: your referral invests #10,000 naira, you receive 10,000 satoshis.
3. When your DL1 invites someone to invest in BMInvest (DL2), and he invests #5,000 naira, your DL1 will receive 5000 satoshis, and you will receive 500 satoshis.
4. When DL2 invites someone too (DL3) and he invests #20,000 naira, DL2 will receive 20,000 satoshis, DL1 will receive 2,000 satoshis, and you will receive 200 satoshis.
You still continue to earn more satoshis everytime any of your downlines from level 1 to level 3 topup their investments with additional deposits, you will receive equivalent in satoshis at level 1 - 100%, at level 2 - 10%, and at level 3 - 1%
Is it Compulsory to refer people? What if i dont like referring?
BMi referral program is optional. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO REFER. However the potential of what you can earn if you make the effort to start referring is mind blowing. I will explain further. Now imagine this scenario:
You are able to get 10 referrals of your own at level 1.
These 10 referrals each get 10 referrals...
This makes 110 people in your team. 10 at level 1, and 100 at level 2
Now these 100 people at level 2 each get 10 referrals...
That will be 1110 people in your team
10 at level 1, 100 at level 2, 1000 at level 3
Now if each person signs up with 1000 naira at level 1, u get 10,0000 satoshis
If 100 people sign up with #1,000 naira at level 2, u get 100 satoshis x 100 people = 10,000 satoshis
If 1000 people sign up with #1000 naira at level 3, u get 10 satoshis x 1000 people = 10,000 satoshis.
Now all u had to do was get 10 referrals (10,000 satoshis)....
The rest of the earnings u got, (20,000 satoshis), was done by the efforts of others.
Now dont forget... Some people will sign up with more naira, some will upgrade their naira balance, because they want higher ranking and more bitcoin profits.... This will also add to increase ur overall referral commissions many folds.
For example:
If 5 people signup under you at level 1 with #10,000 naira each, u earn 50,000 satoshis... Do u see how fast your bitcoins can grow?
All it takes to be listed in the contest is to refer people to join BMi. 1 point is added to your name for each person you refer to BMi, the person with the highest points, or highest number of referrals wins the 1st prize. All contestants to the 20th position will also win prizes. The contest ends when 200 referrals target is reached. All prizes are paid in bitcoin. The 1st prize is 0.01 bitcoin (#40,000 naira)
The profit is yours from the first day it starts coming in. Because it goes directly into your wallet, It is instantly accessible to you, you can trade your bitcoin profits anytime for Naira. As for your invested Naira capital, you will get it back in full anytime you request for it. But you are required to let your investment run for a minimum of 30 days before making a withdrawal request.
If your investment has run for at least 30 days, you can withdraw all or part of it. It takes 2 weeks to process the withdrawal, liquidation, conversion and transfer of your investment back to your naira bank account. You will not be earning any daily profits on pending withdrawals, from the next day after the withdrawal is initiated. The 2 weeks delay is a security measure to prevent fraudulent withdrawals and exploitation of the investment system.
The main business activity BMi does with investors funds to generate the daily profits is blockchain staking on Hive and other viable and sustainable blockchains, that are built to give a consistent flow of income. These blockchain pay about 10-15% APR (annual percentage rate) for staking bitcoins on their platform in their native currencies such as Hive power. So long as the coins are left untouched in the blockchain native currency, it will pay out interests on staking everyday.
Yes its possible to earn daily for life.... So long as this platform we invest in remains online, profits will be paid out daily. The platform has been around since July 2016, which is over 3 years already. With strong fudamental indicators, and about $100million USD invested into it by savvy investors all over the world, the platform is set to still be around for the next 10 years and more.
* Because BMi is an investment that pays better interest rates than any bank savings or current account
* Because BMi pays better interest rates than your Bank treasury bills and Money Markets funds
* Because BMi pays interest or profits daily in Bitcoins which appreciates more in value every year than Naira ever will.
* Because BMi is not a HYIP (High yield investment program) which generally though profitable investments but come with very high risks of losing more money than you expect to gain.
1. As an investor, you too can take a share of profits made in Crypto forex trading. You are guaranteed to make up to 20% monthly on your investment in BMi trading shares.
2. BMi investors have access to invest in exclusive  Specialized investment programs (BNIP) that give up to 90% profits
3. BMi has a highly rewarding referral commission system. Investors can earn as much as 1 bitcoin in referral commissions alone
4. BMi provides additional earning opportunities, as investors can earn more than $1 worth of bitcoins everyday

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